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Cari Kata


Build words, find words, search for words, anyway you can. There is one rule: you cannot lift your finger. non-word will be penalized. Shuffle the board if you feel there are no longer any words available, but the remaining time will be deducted.Each word has a point associated to it, depending on the language selected.Points will be added to the remaining time.Unlimited board!
Choose Bahasa Melayu, US English or Bahasa Indonesia.
Have fun, compete with your friends
The dictionaries used may be lacking, so do email us to improve the dictionary.
Points:English1 = E,A,I,O,N,R,T,L,S,U2 = G,D3 = C,B,M,P4 = F,H,V,W,Y5 = K8 = J,X10 = Q,Z
B Melayu1 = A,N,I,E,T,U,R,O,S2 = K,M 3 = D,G 4 = L,H,P 5 = B,Y,F,W 8 = C,V 10 = J,Z
B Indonesia1 = A,N,E,I,K,U,M,R,T2 = L,S 3 = G,B,D 4 = H,O,P 5 = J,Y 8 = C,W 10 = F,Z